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The masseria wedding day is a trend, a masseria wedding organised by PugliArmonica is much, much more. It is an incredible experience of romance, culinary tradition and unbridled festivity that you and your guests will never forget.


You will dance in each other’s arms under the sparkling Luminarie (traditional decorative lights) of the Cassa Armonica (a traditional stage for musicians and singers), accompanied by the music of an Apulian marching band. The sky will light up with fireworks as we celebrate your story with our Apulian traditions. How? It takes a lot of expertise, passion and a pinch of mischief.


Our many years of experience in the world of Apulian folk festivals allow us to recreate the atmosphere of a typical Apulian celebration. You will have a single contact person as your wedding planner in Apulia who will look after the organisation of your masseria wedding. We will organise the wedding invitations, floral arrangements, decorations, photography, entertainment, and, of course, the food.


Our range of services for your wedding in Puglia is listed below.


Choice of Location

The uniqueness of an Apulian wedding is encapsulated by the setting: a traditional masseria surrounded by green countryside and ancient stone walls. There are many different masserias that you can choose from.

Luminarie and Cassa Armonica

Professional craftsmen will create your own personalised Cassa Armonica, designed specifically with your chosen location in mind. We will ensure a magical atmosphere – typical of all Apulian festivals.

Food and Drink

In Puglia, there is no celebration without good food. You can choose either our buffet or the classic table service. We will be happy to offer you authentic traditional dishes, old recipes and modern reinterpretations. Your guests are sure to be blown away by our culinary experts; our cheesemakers and cooks will prepare a variety of meats and cheeses, as well as our famous Scapece Gallipolina and Cupeta.

Musical Entertainment

The best of the Salento and Apulian marching band traditions will provide the entertainment for your wedding in Puglia. The musical notes of an Apulian festival will become the soundtrack for one of the most important days of your life. If you are a lover of theatre and the arts, you can choose from some of our homegrown talent, namely, local street performers, acrobats, flag wavers and dance groups.

Firework Shows

To crown the occasion, your special day will culminate in a fireworks show. You and your guests will be amazed as our fireworks display will transform the night sky into a flurry of colour and a euphony of sound. And if you want to follow the tradition of Apulian festivities to the full, you can indulge in the wonder of our palloni aerostatici: large decorative sky lanterns and a staple of our folk festivals.

Graphic Design and Communication

We will take care of every detail, including the customised graphics of the wedding invitations, the countdown website, the social pages, the wedding menus, the tableau mariage and the gifts for your guests.

Floral Design

We will create a romantic scene, a symbol of your love, with a floral display. Together we will design the floral arrangements to make your wedding elegant and unique.

Photography and Videography

To make your “I do” last forever, we will look after the photography of your wedding. With our high-definition photos and video, our professionals will capture every moment and turn it into an indelible memory.

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