Luminarie & Cassa Armonica

Luminarie, are large wooden structures and arches made in Salento dotted with a kaleidoscope of colorful lights. Lighting is definitely one of the most important aspects of an event and only Luminarie can create a warm and magic atmosphere to enrich every single moment of your lovely occasion.
The light is essential for the success of an event. The unique, magic and suggestive light of Cassa Armonica and Luminarie will accompany every moment of your party.
The word Luminaria comes from Latin “lumen-inaria” (Light in the air), and, in the past it represented the devotion and the gratitude of people to the patron saint. Now in every “borgo of Salento” they are the main characteristic of celebrations.

In Apulia, Luminarie are architectonic structures and a they are a must during our traditional events. A warm light and an elegant Luminarie shape will create an amazing play of lights that will amaze your guests, making your event an unique, original and authentic show.
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